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Orthodox Church of Christ 

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Archbishop Demetrius Brown has been married to his wife Annette Brown for 23 years. They have four Sons ages 30, 28, 26, 20. Archbishop Brown preached his first message in 1997 at St. Mark United Methodist Church. He holds a BSB, MAR, THD from SCSU, and Trinity University. He is a PHD candidate in his second year at Louisiana Baptist University. Graduate of Yeshiva Levitt Messianic Rabbinical studies. He reads Paleo-Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. He is Archbishop of the Province of St. Polycrates, and Metropolitan of The Orthodox Church of Christ  with footprints In USA, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Philippines, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Elected Presiding Bishop by the Board of the Body of Christ Sanctified Church International in June of 2010 by unanimous vote. He is the founder of Ekklesia University and Seminary. On January 16 2020 He was brought into Apostolic succession and received into the EEC by Archbishop Russell McClanahan

His Hobbies are reading different languages, working out, and martial arts. He holds a 5th degree Black belt in Kajukenbo Karate. 

Our Team

Bishop Dr. Maurice and Cassandra Wilson

Bishop Wilson is the 2nd Vice Presider and is a Biblical Scholar with a THD

International Apostle (missionary) Cassandra Wilson is the Head of the Women's Department

and is a powerhouse in prayer and emits the presence of the Holy Spirit